The Elm Tree is situated in the stunning village of Langton Herring about 3.5miles west of Weymouth. We (the family) rented a lovely cottage just 10 minutes walk from the pub, so it was natural that it became our 'local' for the week.

The pub is owned by Debbie and her partner Jamie who also own the Portland Scallop company. The pub itself is pleasant, but not spectacular. There are two bars, an 'inner' and an 'outer' The latter one being light and airy, whereas the 'inner' one has no direct outside windows. This is the old original bar and Debbie is quite happy to give you a run down of its history. We ate here several times and I have to say we were all well satisfied with everything that was put before us. The seafood can be recommended as it is all very fresh, well presented and straight from their other company. The comment my son in law made about the scallops (he's a 'foodie') was that they were "absolutely awesome" the best he had ever tasted. It is important that any sauce served with a delicate dish does not overpower the main ingredient. This was achieved. Freshness is everything I think, when it comes to fish. Certainly no problem here.

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